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Led by a naturalist, tours are delightful excursions to see the unique flora and fauna of Bonaire. Almost 200 species of birds, two types of parrots, two types of hummingbirds, over a dozen species of Bonaire's only native mammal - the bat. Learn about the interplay of local culture and natural history. Discover local myths about remedies associated with flora and fauna, the plant that is used medicinally in the U.S. and Europe and for whom the plantation of Karpata was named. Bonaire is a nature lover's paradise above, as well as below the water.

Fauna and Flora Day Trips

Bike Rental Delivery - Bike Tours
Bike Rental Delivery
Bike Rental Delivery is a mobile bicycle rental company that provides various types of rental bikes and delivers anywhere on the Island Bonaire. They also offer fully organized bike tours on the island with a professional guide. They rent very good Giant Dutchbikes, Citybikes, Mountainbikes and also Electricbikes.
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Bonaire Tours & Vacations
Bonaire Tours
Bonaire Tours & Vacations offers a wide range of soft-adventure eco trips & cultural tours. Led by locally trained guides, you can visit the National Park, discover the island, kayak the mangroves, land sail on the world’s longest track, windsurf, or enjoy a guided snorkel in the Bonaire Marine Park. Take the time to meet our people, Bonaire is a friendly place and you will feel at home in no time.
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