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Bike Rentals and Tours
Bonaire is a great place to ride a bike. The Majority of the island is relatively flat with gentle slopes. The exception is in the northern part of the island where there are more hills to challenge riders. There are a number of places to rent bikes, whether for touring or off road adventure. Many hotels and resorts also rent bikes to their guests.

Mountain biking has become a popular way to explore Bonaire and are available for rental.

The Dutch bike is more for touring and not recommended for off-road.

Bike Rental Delivery
Bike Rental Delivery is a mobile bicycle rental company that provides various types of rental bikes and delivers anywhere on the Island Bonaire. They also offer fully organized bike tours on the island with a professional guide. They rent very good Giant Dutchbikes, Citybikes, Mountainbikes and also Electricbikes. Bike Rental Delivery has mobile service for their customers all over the island during opening hours. They can provide bike rental for big groups, special requests or divers on te last stop day.
Special prices for week rentals! See their website or facebook page for more information or reservations.
Tel: +(599) - 786 1166
or call +(599) - 786 2329

Bonaire Tours & Vacations N.V.
Tel: +(599) 717 8778
Tour Mountain Bike Trekking: Click here for info


Rento Fun Drive
Tel: +(599) 717 2408 or 717 7166 or 786 1440
Fax: +599 717 3708
Scooter and bike rentals: Click here for info
Mountainbiking on Bonaire

Bike Rental Delivery

Playa Chikitu

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